Prince Harry's memoir "Spare" went on sale in bookstores last...

Prince Harry's memoir "Spare" went on sale in bookstores last week, offering a varied portrait of the Duke of Sussex and the royal family. Credit: AP/Michael Sohn

Protect the security of classified papers

I am amazed that classified and top-secret documents have been found in the possession of the present and former presidents [“Questions on classified docs,” Nation & World, Jan. 16]. Why has there not been any tracking of these documents and a policy for retrieving them and securing them on their return?

Who is accountable for following a document that contains sensitive information? It is also amazing that both presidents showed such little responsibility. Congress should repair this security void, and both sides should look to protect the interest of Americans.

— Dan Walcott, Holtsville

Who tracks these classified documents? Who is ultimately responsible for their journey from point A to point B?

When you check out a library book, there is a system of tracking that book.

Where is the breakdown in the system of releasing and tracking classified documents?

— Mary Distler, Calverton

With all the news outlets covering President Joe Biden’s classified documents, has anyone asked, “Who packed up everything when Biden moved from the vice president’s quarters?”

It is as likely as not that he had no knowledge that these documents were delivered to his home and office.

— James P. Heath, Ronkonkoma

A loving gesture, but it’s not forever

It is indeed comforting to think of wearing a bracelet forever to show love and commitment [“Bling for keeps,” flash!, Jan. 16].

Sooner or later, however, the human condition intercedes to show frailty.

The inevitable MRI or any number of surgical or other medical procedures means the bracelet will eventually have to come off.

Wear the bracelet, but know it is not forever.

— Mary P. Pearce, Remsenburg

Looking at the bright side of Harry’s book

After the publication of Prince Harry’s book, the British people should be overjoyed that Harry wasn’t the firstborn [“Prince Harry: Book is bid to ‘own my story,’ ” flash!, Jan. 9].

— Betty Tiska, Syosset

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