Litter by a street in Centereach.

Litter by a street in Centereach. Credit: James Carbone

Initial gambling offers are made to hook us

An unfortunate model for starting someone on drugs is for the pusher to give someone a “taste,” hoping (knowing) that the person will come back for more. That seems to be the same model being used for the above-board and now-legal online gambling industry, providing initial free bets or first-time money-back offers.

The gaming advertisements offer disclaimers, though, about using good gambling behaviors. Our government in Albany, which legalized state gambling, is the sworn protector of the public. I see the average Joe who partakes as an unsuspecting victim.

 — Michael Kosinski, East Hills

If someone litters, then pass the buck

Recently, I contacted my local elected officials about the litter and dumping epidemic plaguing our roadways. Our streets have become an embarrassing eyesore, strewn with everything from tires and construction debris to fast-food wrappers.

I was told by town employees that the particular roads I mentioned were not town roads but rather state or county roads. There was no mention that they would contact the appropriate officials on my behalf or provide me with contact information so I could reach out to the proper authorities.

It’s bad enough that people feel emboldened to simply toss or dump any unwanted item onto our roadways without fear of penalty, but I expect more from our elected officials than to simply pass the buck.

— Kenneth Maffei, Brookhaven

Eateries adding card fees isn’t appropriate

Here’s a suggestion for restaurants that don’t charge customers for using a credit card. Let us know in your ads and on your website that you are not charging customers for using a credit card.

I do my best to no longer go to any restaurants that do have that surcharge.

Perhaps a surcharge for buying only a pizza might make sense. But adding surcharges to full meals is a bit tacky. Carrying too much cash and needing to make extra trips to an ATM takes away the good part of dining out.

— Robert Casale, Glen Head

Another idea to make LIE traffic smoother

Here’s one more option to help traffic on the Long Island Expressway [“Novel ideas to help Suffolk LIE traffic,” Just Sayin’, March 11].

Charge car drivers to ride in the HOV lane, as other states do, and mandate that all trucks must drive in that lane, too, and have this enforced by the state police. Also, slower moving vehicles must drive in the right lane.

The cost? It’s just changing signs. Nassau and Suffolk counties would get more revenue. Another benefit is that two lanes would have only cars, with the HOV lane only for serious drivers willing to pay for it.

— Peter Bartomeo, Huntington Station

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