Prices at a gasoline station in Tumwater, Washington, Wednesday. 

Prices at a gasoline station in Tumwater, Washington, Wednesday.  Credit: AP/Ted S. Warren

New utility must be made accountable

One needs to be more than a bit skeptical when a public authority welcomes the creation of a public utility with thousands of employees on state pensions and a management structure that would be far removed from public accountability.

When the Long Island Power Authority is "open" to a proposal to do exactly that, there needs to be scrutiny by the governor and Long Island consumers because the potential cost could harm an already fragile regional economy ["LIPA ‘open’ to creation of fully public utility," News, Feb. 18].

In business, when you fail at a task there are repercussions. When PSEG Long Island had an issue with its emergency call center, it was financially punished. What would happen if LIPA failed in a future storm? How would it be punished? And under what oversight?

Explore municipalization, but make sure the consequences for failure are as punitive as what PSEG Long Island must face were it to fail. Otherwise this is little more than a LIPA protection plan by its legislative allies.

— Bill Evans, Sag Harbor

Community doesn’t merit recognition

"Private community recognized" [News, March 7] notes that Point O’Woods received a state award for history documentation. Why would a private, exclusive community be eligible for state grant money and tax credits? I am appalled at this decision. A fenced-in community that is discriminatory and restrictive does not merit recognition.

— Elaine Rose, Bay Shore

Gas prices shouldn’t rise quite this fast

Retailers were not allowed to overcharge for toilet paper, but these new gas prices are allowed ["Gas prices set to hit record highs," News, March 8].

Prices are rising on gas that’s already in station tanks, purchased at lower prices. The gas in the main distribution tanks also was purchased at lower prices. Who decides who can and can’t overcharge?

— Gary Maksym, Massapequa

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