Sgt. Russell Anderson, of Port Jefferson, injured while a Marine in...

Sgt. Russell Anderson, of Port Jefferson, injured while a Marine in Afghanistan, with his golden retriever, Finley, at Paws of War in Nesconset on May 28. Credit: James Carbone

Church needs to discuss immigration

While we keep reading about the migrant problem that is exacerbated by two southern governors using these people as red meat for the Republican base, both parties are responsible “New NYC migrant plan,” News, June 6].

In 2007, President George W. Bush and Sens. John McCain and Edward Kennedy put together a bipartisan bill to resolve this problem, including improving border security and enforcement. It also would reform the immigration system and included guest-worker visas. This effort failed because Republicans in Congress wouldn’t support it because of an amnesty provision, and some Democrats also opposed it.

So here we are, 16 years later, with humans being used for political advantage. No attempt to solve a problem that really needs fixing.

Where is the outcry from church leaders who could use their pulpits and political power to push or shame (whichever works) politicians to resolve this issue in a way that is humane and achieves border security?

— Peggy Fallon, Glen Cove

Check out the store before buying gown

Despite attorney John Ray’s contention that store owner Merrily Ottomanelli “has been a well-respected businessperson in this field for many years,” many would challenge that assertion [“Prom gowns missing,” News, June 6].

What “well-respected businessperson” takes a person’s money in full and either does not provide the goods purchased or does not refund the money if the goods cannot be produced?

Anyone contemplating buying a gown for a special occasion should research the company they are considering purchasing from, especially if told to pay in full up front. Check the Better Business Bureau website and social media posts.

This is more than a “small group of people” who have complained about this, including one of my daughters and one of my former students who told the same story. It may not happen to everyone, but it shouldn’t happen to anyone.

— Bob Szymanski, South Setauket

Disgusted with PGA, Saudi golf merger

The announcement that the PGA — the Professional Golfers’ Association of America — and the Saudi-run LIV Golf tour have joined forces sickens me [“PGA, LIV join forces,” Sports, June 7]. This is nothing more than the PGA folding to the Saudis for money. It is despicable, and PGA Commissioner Jay Monahan should be ashamed and embarrassed.

I feel sorry for the players who stood by the PGA and are now shaking their heads in disgust. I, for one, will not watch any PGA golf and will not support any group that encourages people to support anything that the Saudis are involved in.

— Joseph Frischer, Long Beach

Public need not know who bailed out Santos

I voted Democratic in the past midterm election, but I find it horrible that people want to reveal names of the bail donors for Rep. George Santos [“Reveal Santos’ bail donors,” Editorial, June 7].

Who cares who gave him the money? The main purpose of disclosing them would seem to be to shame the donors.

I think people have better things to do than to partake in culture wars. If investigators want the information for a legitimate purpose, that is understandable. The public doesn’t need to know the names.

— Karl J. Silverberg, Central Islip

Story of veteran and rescue dog uplifting

What a pleasant surprise to read such a “good feeling” article, “Saved for service” Our Towns, May 31]. It was so uplifting to read about the bonding of a heroic veteran and a rescue dog with both benefiting.

I was moved by Sgt. Russell Anderson’s story of growing up on Long Island and his horrific experience in Afghanistan and how his golden retriever, Finley, was rescued in Alabama from an illegal breeding operation.

Paws of War, which united them, seems to be a wonderful organization.

— Irma Ring, Massapequa Park

Give Mario Cuomo local honor instead

The effort to change the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge’s name fell short [“No change to name of Cuomo bridge,” News, May 31]. But what is unclear is why they had changed the name of the Gov. Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge in the first place. Wilson lived and worked in Westchester County on the eastern side of the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Cuomo surely deserves his place in “roadway history.” But why not in Queens, where he lived? What could be better than the “Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Grand Central Parkway?” Best of all, it runs right past Briarwood, where he was born, and Hollis, where he lived.

Seems like an easy and smart solution. Restore the honor originally bestowed upon Wilson — by Cuomo — and give Cuomo the honor he deserves in what was his own backyard.

— Ted D. Gluckman, Rockville Centre

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