A truck dumps residential items at the Town of Brookhaven Material...

A truck dumps residential items at the Town of Brookhaven Material Recycling Facility in Yaphank in August 2023.  Credit: Newsday/John Paraskevas

3 nations’ action helps the terrorists

Norway, Ireland and Spain formally recognized Palestine as a state on Tuesday [“Israeli strikes kill at least 37,” News, May 29]. Hamas, which is committed to the destruction of the Jewish state, now has evidence to show that terrorism works.

Murder, rape and burning babies work. It seems that the bloodier and more barbaric the terror attacks, the more support there is for a Palestinian state.

Sensible minds might agree that a campaign of unrelenting terror including hostage-taking would be disqualifying for statehood.

To respond to such carnage by recognizing Palestine as a state is an insult to human decency and justice. By recognizing Palestine now, these three nations are willing to overlook acts of terror when perpetrated against Israelis.

Unilateral recognition only encourages and rewards those who believe that terrorist acts are an effective means by which to achieve political ends. It will only enable further acts of terror.

— Sam Leibowitz, Plainview

It is criminal that the United Nations has not, months ago, negotiated with Egypt to establish a temporary refugee settlement in the Egyptian Sinai a few miles south of the border with Gaza to quickly and safely house the civilian population caught in the middle of the shooting in Gaza. The innocent people could then easily have received food, water, and medical treatment brought in through Egypt, and the youngsters would not be traumatized by the horrors of war.

Who knows — such an arrangement might be the first step in establishing an independent Palestinian state in the Sinai.

— Chuck Darling, South Setauket

When I gazed at a photo of a family fleeing Rafah with their belongings, I thought about the atrocities that Hamas has done to the Israelis and their own people “Israel orders new evacuations of Rafah,” News, May 12]. Uncalled-for violence is never OK.

There is no telling how far Hamas and terrorist groups such as ISIS will go to destoy Israel, and murder non-Muslims and those who break Islamic law. Common sense should tell us that peace is greater than terror. Do we remember Malala Yousafzai, who was shot for being a girl going to school in Pakistan?

America is great because of all our ethnicities. The ability to get along with others strengthens us and gives us joy.

— Joyce Goldsmith, North Bellmore

‘Bigger Better Bottle Bill’ a huge positive

Forty years ago, I walked with other concerned people from Manhattan to the Coca-Cola plant in Tarrytown to call attention about a needed Bottle Deposit Bill. New York State passed the “Returnable Container Act,” commonly known as the Bottle Bill. This landmark law has proved to be a highly effective program to reduce litter and increase recycling rates in our state.

New York now needs the “Bigger Better Bottle Bill” “Bill revamp shifts recycling, waste costs,” News, May 20]. This bill would raise bottle and can deposits from five cents to 10 cents. This would increase redemption rates, support some of our state’s most marginalized workers and further reduce litter. The nickel deposit was enacted into law in 1983. If the nickel were adjusted for inflation, it would be worth about 15 cents today.

This important act would create more consistency by including sports drinks, ice tea and more. With more beverage types, it would mean more recycling, less confusion and less pollution.

— Joseph M. Varon, West Hempstead

The writer is past president of the New York State Marine Education Association.

Bishop still has time to change his mind

The bishop of the Diocese of Rockville Centre could learn a lesson from the Methodist Church, which removed a half-century’s worth of denominational bans on gay-clergy and same-sex marriages “Methodist Gay Marriage Ban Repealed,” Nation, May 4]. Contrast that with Bishop John Barres’ firing of Michael Califano, a beloved third grade teacher at Maria Regina Catholic School, for being in a same-sex relationship.

Which action — acceptance or rejection — would Jesus praise and which would he consider despicable?

Changing one’s mind is one of the most beautiful things a person can do. Perhaps Barres could give it a try.

— Jim Hickey, Westbury

Allowing priests to marry is a great idea [“Make changes first, then absolution,” Letters, May 20]. But will it stop the abuse of children? Pedophiles who abuse children can be married, too.

— Mary McKenna, North Bellmore

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