Lawn sprinkler heads

Lawn sprinkler heads Credit: Irrigation Association of New Yo / Rich Silverman

The Nassau County Legislature recently approved an ordinance establishing a comprehensive plan for water conservation and regulation of water use.

Among its provisions, it seeks to conserve water by requiring that professionally installed irrigation systems employ technology that inhibits or interrupts irrigation in periods of sufficient moisture. Systems would include rain sensors, soil moisture sensors, and even new “smart controllers,” which use information from area weather stations to determine when and for how long irrigation is needed. It also requires licensing and certification of professional irrigation installers.

My association has long supported this type of measure. The ordinance should serve as a model for Long Island and the state.

Tom Shanahan, Albany

Editor’s note:The writer is a government relations consultant for the Irrigation Association of New York in Greenlawn, which supported the measure.


Social Security raise doesn’t reflect reality

We contribute to Social Security in the hope of collecting when we retire. Who knows what the future holds for those still working?

Lawn sprinkler heads

Lawn sprinkler heads Credit: Irrigation Association of New Yo / Rich Silverman

The last two years, we retired people haven’t had much of a raise. Now, we’re told that this month, checks will rise from 0.2 percent to 0.5 percent. Hooray. This has no relationship to today’s higher cost of living.

Charles Alfano, North Massapequa


GPS could help keep some people safe

After hearing about a missing gentleman with autism, who luckily was found, I wonder whether a simple solution should be implemented. Why not sew GPS-tracking devices into the lining of clothing? Is that too simplistic? This is nonsurgical and not as invasive as chip implantation. Wouldn’t this be something to consider to help find anyone who’s gone missing?

Beth Rose Feuerstein Macht, Long Beach

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