One of several lawn signs posted on Route 25A between...

One of several lawn signs posted on Route 25A between Rocky Point and Wading River says, "Conquer from Within." Credit: Katie Muether Brown

To the person or group that placed dozens of lawn signs with positive messages along Route 25A from Rocky Point to Wading River, thank you! I saw them on June 7, and I cannot tell you how much they brightened my morning commute and my whole day.

Signs had messages including “Believe in Yourself,” “Smile,” “Kindness Matters,” “Conquer from Within” and more. It wasn’t so much the messages that made me smile, but more the thought of people going out of their way to place them.

We need more of this in the world, more small acts of kindness. Those messages inspired me to pay it forward with a donation to a local food pantry. We can all make a difference, one small act at a time.

Katie Muether Brown,

  Sound Beach

No coverage of event to oppose gun violence

National Gun Violence Awareness Day was marked on June 7 with events nationwide, including student walkouts, demonstrations and recognition ceremonies.

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran issued a proclamation at a ceremony on June 5 to recognize the annual event. It was attended by county legislators, activists in orange shirts to honor victims of gun violence and other concerned residents. Although I walk with a walker, I felt this was important enough to attend. The event was covered by various news media, but not by Newsday.

All of this closely followed the mass gun shooting at Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is important that everyone take note, or there will be no end to such disasters. We must act now or suffer the consequences.

Ric Kranz,

  Garden City

Dad made sure to pay for the movie

Recently, my dad, Kevin Brandes, and I went to the movies with family and friends in Seaford. Because they arrived before my dad and me, and saved seats for us, we thought they had already paid for our tickets. Because of this, we explained our situation to an employee, and he allowed us to enter the auditorium.

Upon meeting our group, we found out that no one had paid for us. By the end of the movie, I had completely forgotten about this, but my dad didn’t. After the rest of our group was gone, he quietly returned to the box office and paid for our admission.

He didn’t have to go back to the box office or keep his good deed to himself, but it won’t surprise anyone who knows him that he did both.

Rachel Brandes,

  North Bellmore

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