The Long Beach boardwalk was built in 1914, destroyed by...

The Long Beach boardwalk was built in 1914, destroyed by superstorm Sandy in 2012, and rebuilt and reopened in 2013. Many see it as a symbol of the city's resilience. This photo is from June 20, 2015. Credit: Barbara Alper

On a recent Saturday, I wanted to take my 88-year-old dad out for a belated birthday celebration. He is in chronic pain, but I thought an outing might be good medicine for him. I am a passionate beach lover, and it's been my goal all season to take Dad to the beach.

He hadn't been to the beach in more than 10 years because of his limited mobility. Luckily, Long Beach has wonderful beach wheelchairs for disabled people.

With the help of a muscular lifeguard, we were able to wheel Dad to the shoreline. Next thing we knew, we were enjoying the waves crashing on us. What a feeling!

The chair is provided free, but not many people know about it. People stopped us to ask about it. One woman said she would bring her mom to the beach next time.

I'm so grateful to have this memory with my amazing dad.

Linda Brucia, East Meadow

Make your dog proud of you

We dog owners are devoted to our dogs for many reasons, not least of which is the unconditional love and acceptance we feel from our pets. They don't judge us when we make mistakes or behave in impolite ways. At home, you can belch, scratch in unspeakable places or sing off-key -- your dog won't judge.

In public, we should try to not embarrass our dogs by being idiot humans. Clean up after them.

Walking away from piles of pups' poop is a disgusting, discourteous habit that far too many owners have fallen into. If you don't care enough about your community to clean up your dog's droppings, if it doesn't matter to you that your elderly neighbor has to deal with the mess you left in front of his house or on his lawn, then at least consider how much you are embarrassing your dog and creating an environment that is hostile to it. Each dog dung heap left to fester erodes the goodwill that exists between humans and pets in a community. Your dog gets blamed for your bad behavior. That's so unfair to man's best friend.

In public, make your dog proud.

Lisa Castillo, New Hyde Park

Simply solution to locked car

After watching failed attempts by concerned people and police officers trying to break car windows to help kids or pets in overheated cars, I have an extremely effective, low-cost solution. Go to your local hardware store and buy a nail punch. This is a hard metal rod coming to a sharp point.

The glass will shatter in seconds after the punch is pushed against a car window, helping those trapped inside to get the cool air and water they need. Just keep the punch in your glove compartment. Having it will mean you can help.

Bob Cavaliere, Port Jefferson Station

Choppy roads are painful ride

I had serious surgery, and the ride home from the hospital was absolutely excruciating. The roads on Long Island are in such disrepair. It's awful to ride on them even when you are well.

Coming down Deer Park Avenue was horrendous. My husband was trying to avoid all the large lumps of blacktop. Do workers pay attention when they put this stuff down? They seem to just throw it down, pat it with a shovel and leave.

Diane Duguid, Deer Park