Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has made thousands of...

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has made thousands of hours of Capitol Police surveillance footage available to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.  Credit: AP/Jose Luis Magana

McCarthy made big mistake with Fox

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has shown that he is not qualified for that position or even to be a congressman [“Access to Jan. 6 footage granted,” News, Feb. 23].

Giving sensitive surveillance recordings to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, a liar and conspiracy theorist, is a breach of trust.

The Capitol Police have deemed part of the footage sensitive to Capitol security, and the committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack had respected that.

McCarthy made promises to gain power in becoming speaker, and that puts the Capitol and our representatives in danger.

— Judi Gardner, Melville

Mangano’s early release isn’t right

So Linda Mangano, the wife of former Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, was released from prison [“Linda Mangano out of federal prison,” News, Feb. 22].

Was anyone really surprised that after fighting her conviction for years (and staying out of prison) and never admitting any wrongdoing that she would be released from prison after serving only five months — one-third — of her 15-month sentence?

Why was she released so early? Good behavior? Did it have anything to do with her husband’s political background, influence and contacts?

How do we send a message to political leaders who take advantage of their positions when they are treated with privilege?

Speaking of Edward Mangano, after years of also fighting his conviction and never admitting to wrongdoing, he was finally sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Who really thinks he will serve anywhere near that amount of time? I’m waiting for the next headline saying that he was also released after serving only a fraction of the time.

— Harvey Miller, Jericho

It’s great news that Linda Mangano has been released from prison. Especially in this day and age, when hardened criminals have a revolving door.

How many spend more than a night in jail? Mangano spent five months in prison and has paid her debt to society.

Now, go after the criminals breaking into our cars every night.

— Mike Walsh, Bethpage

Let stakeholders vote for LIPA board

The purpose of the commission formed to investigate the future of the Long Island Power Authority is to plan for LIPA to be fully responsible for the electric grid that serves Long Island and the Rockaways.

No one is calling for LIPA to follow the example of Arizona’s Salt River Project and Agricultural Improvement and Power District, only giving voting rights to property owners [“One public model for LIPA has a serious flaw,” Opinion, Jan. 27].

The entire point of having LIPA run the grid is accountability to ratepayers, something sorely lacking now. Accountability will be enhanced if the LIPA board of trustees is elected by stakeholders, besides a few appointed members to ensure the proper expertise. This is the model championed by the Reimagine LIPA campaign.

People who are served by LIPA — residents and business owners — must have more of a say in how our power grid is managed.

One suggestion is for LIPA to hold off-year elections for the board. Another is sending out voting ballots with regular bills of service. There are many ways to vote.

Whatever the solution, the commission and its advisory committee must find an effective one to meet the interests of customers, workers and the environment.

— Timothy Karcich, Deer Park

The writer is a member of the Reimagine LIPA coalition.

Writing app shows how smart it isn’t

The example provided of a “college-level essay” done by the new writing app ChatGPT was woefully inadequate for college admission, let alone for a college class essay [“AI didn’t write this headline, but it could,” News, Feb. 13].

It was formulaic at best. The third and fourth topic sentences are similar, as are their last sentences. Paragraph structure is the same. Appearing twice is the exact phrase “. . . celebrities who have made a significant impact in their respective fields.”

There is no sense of the person who wrote this. There is nary a simile, metaphor or colorful image. Did the writer have a personal experience at a concert?

Who really wrote this essay?

— Sally Davies, Sea Cliff

Now, this player’s move is really rich

It’s a sad commentary about our society when a Major League Baseball player, San Diego Padres third baseman Manny Machado, can, with a straight face, announce that he’s opting out of the remaining five years of his 10-year, $300 million contract because it is no longer “lucrative” [“New target for Cohen’s spending: Machado,” Sports, Feb. 18].

— Tom Sena, Merrick

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