The Nasdaq stock market is seen at Times Square in...

The Nasdaq stock market is seen at Times Square in New York City. (March 14, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

In reference to "Did you miss out?" [News, March 11], I was not surprised that so many people got caught in the stock market debacle in January 2008. If more people paid attention to their finances like they pay attention to their health, they could have avoided the loss.

I'm referring to using technical analysis to gauge the stock market. Technical analysis is used by many professions and institutions to warn them of upcoming bear markets.

We had a meeting at the Long Island Stock Traders Meetup Group in October 2007 and discussed the technical ramifications of the stock market. A warning about a possible downturn of the market was the main agenda item. Some of the members took heed and sold their holdings in time. Others didn't and lost out.

We advise our members to find good fundamental stocks and to have a trading plan. Using technical analysis to monitor stocks is not very hard to learn. There are many books on the subject in the library and plenty of information on the Internet.

James De Franco, Franklin Square

Editor's note: The writer is the organizer of the Long Island Stock Traders Meetup Group.