Westchester County residents rank No. 8 on the list with...

Westchester County residents rank No. 8 on the list with the highest percentage of residents who drank alcohol in the last 30 days, according to City-Data.com. Credit: Harper Willat

The judge's decision to overrule the Bloomberg ban on big sodas is very much on target ["Judge cans ban on big sodas," News, March 12]. I think we can agree that big sodas offer far too many empty calories for anyone. I don't agree that government should get involved.

What I think really needs the attention of the mayor is to pass laws that go after another source of empty calories: beverages containing alcohol. He stated at his news conference that 5,000 people die each year in the city from obesity. How many die each year from liver disease as a direct result of too much booze? How many die from accidents, vehicular and otherwise? How many die from obesity from too much alcohol? How many families are destroyed because of too much drinking?

There are far worse outcomes from drinking alcohol over drinking big sodas. Maybe that is where he should start. Banning alcohol, or maybe limiting the amount one can drink, is a good beginning. Good luck with that one.

Robert Hughes, Floral Park

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