Suffolk County Chief Fire Marshal Ed Springer holds up a...

Suffolk County Chief Fire Marshal Ed Springer holds up a carbon monoxide detector during a press conference inside the lobby of the Suffolk County Legislative building on May 21, 2014. Credit: James Carbone

Brookhaven Town is an example of the nanny state meets big brother -- a horror movie ["Town mandates home monoxide detectors," News, Sept. 10]!

So the smoke detectors in all my bedrooms, plus the combination smoke-carbon dioxide detectors on all levels of my house, are not good enough? Now if my town, Oyster Bay, goes nuts, too, I'll have to spend $150 for a digital carbon monoxide detector?

Where does it stop? How about radon detectors? The food in my refrigerator may kill me, too. Dust! Molds can be deadly!

Health is a personal responsibility. Government encroachment on our personal lives is the worst crime we can allow.

Jo-Ann Nowodzinski, Jericho


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