Burger King could expand to Canada as the fast-food chain...

Burger King could expand to Canada as the fast-food chain attempts to buy Tim Hortons. Credit: Julie Cappiello

I'm a middle-class American with a modest income, and I pay taxes on all of my income ["Don't blame Burger King for ducking U.S. taxes," Editorial, Aug. 27]. I believe that all companies operating in the United States, including Burger King, should pay taxes on their U.S. profits.

If a 35 percent corporate tax on profits is too high, if some businesses pay little or no taxes because of loopholes and deductions, and if foreign businesses are not taxed on their U.S. profits, then maybe those things have to change. Our lawmakers need to rewrite the tax code.

Our government needs money to operate, and we all benefit from programs our tax money supports. Whether it's a court and prison system to keep criminals away, so they can't rob Burger King; roads to travel on, so Burger King can get deliveries and customers can get to its restaurants; inspectors to keep our food supply safe, so Burger King can sell safe meals; or many other things, Burger King benefits from the programs that tax money pays for.

Although a company may feel a responsibility to maximize profits, that does not mean by any method possible. We all need to act in a moral and ethical manner, which means meeting our responsibility to pay our fair share.

Carol Raab, Coram

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