Coal-fired plants account for about 30 percent of the carbon...

Coal-fired plants account for about 30 percent of the carbon emissions in the United States. This is the Colstrip Steam Electric Station, a coal burning power plant in Colstrip, Mont. on July 1, 2013. Credit: AP / Matthew Brown

The article about the sweeping environmental controls that are proposed for the energy industry ["New smog standard," News, Nov. 27] could be a template for how to ruin our economy and destroy our country.

There is a projected $3.9-billion cost to industry for the proposed 70-parts-per-billion limit for ozone pollution. Who are we trying to fool? This cost would be borne by the customers. And the spectacle of some Environmental Protection Agency official saying that lower ozone standards would actually spur more businesses, investment and jobs is a sham. We are throwing gobs of money down a regulatory sinkhole, and it will cost us big-time.

The point by Bill Becker of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies that the president is taking an opportunity to right a wrong is a delusion. It's just another erosion of our freedom.

Larry Mogen, Dix Hills

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