While the supply of U.S. homes for sale is at...

While the supply of U.S. homes for sale is at an almost two-year high and price gains are moderating, some buyers are finding it difficult to find a house in the neighborhood they desire. Credit: AP

What has happened to our Long Island? The building of new condo and apartment complexes has overloaded the population here, so that the roadways are perilous. If only the powers that be would stop the influx. We're at the point where the neighborhoods and roads are so supersaturated that it has stolen the quality of life we once knew -- and not too long ago!

This is simply madness, this society with drug runners and drunken drivers taking over our roadways. Those of us with new drivers in our families are worried.

Stop building homes when there are not enough jobs to sustain the population boom. Are the homes for the purpose of revenue? That's not nearly as important as the quality of life.

Donna Ricci, West Islip


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