Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the Capitol in Albany. (March 15,...

Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the Capitol in Albany. (March 15, 2012) Credit: AP

Regarding "Tribe to Cuomo: Talk casinos now" [News, June 6], Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo should rethink his position and talk with the Shinnecock Nation about a casino proposal for Belmont Park.

Many issues surround gambling, but there are also probable economic benefits. The ability to remain flexible is a key to success when large-scale programs are contemplated. If the governor talks to the Shinnecock Nation and other possible casino participants, everyone wins.

It is understandable that Cuomo may want to wait until voters approve a constitutional amendment to allow up to seven casinos, and then open up a competition for the sites, but it is always a good idea to anticipate the possibilities so that approval can be followed by quicker implementation.

The Shinnecock proposal is separate, because the rules are different for sanctioning Indian-run gaming.

Steven A. Ludsin, East Hampton


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