Huntington, NY - August 29, 2012: Michael McDermott, an independent...

Huntington, NY - August 29, 2012: Michael McDermott, an independent candidate running for U.S. Congress New York 3rd District who is endorsed by the Libertarian Party, poses for a portrait at his home. -- slVOTE -- (Photo by James Escher) Credit: JAMES ESCHER / FREELANCE / Photo by James Escher

In response to "Libertarians are the selfish party" [Letters, Oct. 21], the seven states that don't have an income tax are doing quite well. Florida, South Dakota and Texas are three of those states.

Granted, they are not massive welfare states like New York, but people there are living well. We are way overtaxed in New York!

The money saved by eliminating the state income tax would go right back into the economy. With Christmas coming, people will spend that money. What is it with people who want to give my money to a government that just throws it to the wind?

As for health care, who really gets screwed? Not the poor; they get it for almost nothing. The rich? They can afford it. It's the middle class. We are the ones who will pay for Obamacare.

John Gelormino, Hicksville

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