Burger King could expand to Canada as the fast-food chain...

Burger King could expand to Canada as the fast-food chain attempts to buy Tim Hortons. Credit: Julie Cappiello

An editorial about Burger King moving its headquarters out of the United States to avoid taxes pretty well summarized the major problem facing us ["Don't blame Burger King for ducking U.S. taxes," Aug. 27]. The editorial said such moves are justified because corporations are responsible only for getting the maximum return on investment for stockholders.

Since the corporate-friendly U.S. Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the rights of people, then corporations should take a pledge of allegiance to the United States, as we all do. That means that having used our infrastructure to build and grow, they wouldn't be able to close a profitable factory because they can make more money by moving the jobs overseas. Our jobs are leaving as the corporations, and the 1 percent that own the vast majority of stock, become wealthier.

Until we force corporations to act in our interest, the gap between superrich and everyone else will just keep growing. This isn't some unintended feature of capitalism; unrestricted capital will continue to accumulate at the top.

David Kulick, Flushing


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