Repair work on West Shore Road on Dec. 20, 2012,...

Repair work on West Shore Road on Dec. 20, 2012, after it was badly damaged by superstorm Sandy. Credit: Newsday / David Pokress

Regarding "Key road's fixes begin new phase" [News, Sept. 10], Nassau County and the Town of Oyster Bay missed an opportunity to enhance both the town and Bayville by adding a walking and biking path.

West Shore Road is a dangerous route for cyclists, and walkers are forced to step onto the busy road. A path would have been a boon to local businesses and would have highlighted one of the nicest views on Long Island.

Rebuilding after a devastation presents a unique opportunity to improve the original designs and functions. Our leaders lacked the creativity and the foresight to make the path a reality.

Joseph J. Pollaci, Oyster Bay


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