Robert Rowllins finishes up a long session of raking leaves...

Robert Rowllins finishes up a long session of raking leaves outside his Salisbury, N.H. home. (Oct. 29, 2009) Credit: AP

Isn't it time to look into the possible environmental issues that leaf blowers pose ["Leaf blowers exacerbate asthma," Letters, Oct. 18]?

A number of cities and towns across the country have decided that they are a health hazard for their citizens. They have placed seasonal restrictions on them or banned them outright.

Nassau and Suffolk counties, along with towns, have codes that regulate the hours for usage. Some dictate that operators sweep up the debris immediately. Observation indicates that this is never or rarely done, obviously a enforcement issue. They merely blow the stuff into our air, where it seems to disappear. In addition, the machines generate high noise levels and exhaust. Is the efficiency worth the health risk?

Isn't it time to get serious about the issue for the quality of life for citizens?

Guy T. DiSpigno, Massapequa


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