A lunch box with a sandwich, apple and juice box.

A lunch box with a sandwich, apple and juice box. Credit: Handout

Schools this year have improved their lunch menus to include less junk food, according to a report from the Centers on Disease Control. However, I cannot wrap my head around the fact that our society and the world of academia as a whole have not hopped on the PS 244 bandwagon and converted to an all-vegetarian menu. In May, PS 244 in Queens became the first public school in New York City to adopt all-vegetarian lunches.

Our children's health and nutrition play a major role in their academic success. Fueling our bodies with whole grains, tofu and vegetables is like using higher octane gasoline in a car. We have so much more respect for fueling our cars with "the best" and think less about the fuel we supply our bodies.

PS 244 has made a mindful, respectful, responsible decision on behalf of children to supply lunches that will be the foundation for a productive day.

Eileen Scanlon Christofi, Bethpage

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