Striking Adjunct Faculty Association members picket outside the Administrative Building...

Striking Adjunct Faculty Association members picket outside the Administrative Building at Nassau Community College in Garden City. (Sept. 12, 2013) Credit: Alejandra Villa

Regarding the use of the word "insane" in Friday's editorial ["Mangano: Deal or no deal at NCC?"], there are more appropriate applications for that invective when reflecting on pay raises.

For instance, there is the recent accumulated total $93,100 raise given to the acting president, who was rejected by the presidential search committee, and the $33,165 raise given to another administrator. Perhaps the word insane might apply to those increases.

It might also seem insane that the faculty responsible for teaching 55 percent of all courses is only 13 percent of the budget, and that a 4.9 percent raise in the first year would constitute less than 1 percent of the current budget. The total compounded increases over eight years would amount to $14.5 million, measured against what will be an accumulated revenue figure of about $2 billion.

An adjunct instructor earns $3,270 for teaching a three-credit course. A class of 30 students brings in about $37,000 in revenue, including tuition and state and county aid. The difference is $33,730 for one class. Multiply that by all the courses taught by the adjunct faculty, and then reconsider whether a 4.9 percent increase is insane.

Charles Loiacono, Hicksville

Editor's note: The writer is the president of Nassau Community College's adjunct faculty union.

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