The Nassau County Legislature last night approved a 2015 budget...

The Nassau County Legislature last night approved a 2015 budget after stripping out a property tax increase sought by County Executive Edward Mangano, setting up a possible battle with fiscal watchdogs who say revenue from the increase is critical to balancing the $2.98 billion spending plan. Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Once again, the Nassau Interim Finance Authority, the monitor and overseer of Nassau's finances, is warning about the county's "continued reliance on borrowing" to meet costs ["NIFA: Nassau borrowing a concern," News, Oct. 17].

This is a shell game our elected officials have played over the years to conceal the fact that the county is mired in red ink. In essence, they pass the problem to the next county executive, and the bill ultimately to the taxpayer.

What I found most interesting is the amount of revenue the county is hoping to receive from school speed-camera fines: up to $30 million annually. Although I find it difficult to object to anything that helps protect our children, many see these cameras as another way to tax Nassau residents.

This new revenue should be segregated and used, in the same spirit of protecting our children, for school security personnel. School budgets for security personnel have increased in light of recent violence. The budget in my West Hempstead school district alone is $300,000 annually.

Jack Pepitone, West Hempstead


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