In an interview, former New York Mayor Ed Koch said...

In an interview, former New York Mayor Ed Koch said he will tell Jewish voters that President Obama deserves their vote. (Sept. 6, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

Newsday keeps writing that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo "threatened" to veto any redistricting plan that wasn't nonpartisan ["Legislature's votes," News, March 16].

No; the truth is he didn't just threaten, he promised to veto the plan. Over and over, beginning in his campaign, he promised explicitly to veto any legislative redistricting plan that was partisan in any way. And now -- surprise! -- he has accepted the legislature's completely partisan plan, with another promise for a more independent process following the 2020 Census.

During that 2010 campaign, former New York City Mayor Edward Koch got more than 100 politicians to sign a pledge that they would accept only nonpartisan redistricting. The pledge, which Cuomo supported, was signed by Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and many other Albany "leaders."

Any hopes New York might have had of changing our dysfunctional state government have now evaporated.

Hillel Cohen, West Hempstead