New York State is considering requiring kids younger than 18...

New York State is considering requiring kids younger than 18 to have parental permission to get any body piercing. (earrings exempt) Credit: iStock

I'm a 50-year-old dad to two girls who are 4 and 6. I disagree so vehemently with "Do you have to drag parents into piercings?" [Opinion, June 12].

Teens will make choices because something is cool or trendy without considering the long-term ramifications of their choice. Piercings can leave those who elect them permanently disfigured. As a parent, I welcome legislation that will help me protect my kids from their own bad choices and from businesses that would happily maim them in the pursuit of profits.

We protect our kids from alcohol and tobacco. Doesn't it make sense to protect them from physically damaging their bodies? What happens to pierced-out kids when they grow up and seek professional careers? Would you go to a doctor, lawyer or financial advisor with a quarter-dollar-sized hole on his ear? I wouldn't.

Ira Pastor, Merrick


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