Women's health care is under attack. Last year alone, 1,100 provisions to restrict or ban contraception or abortion were introduced in states all across the country, including here in New York. In this environment, it's shocking that the Reproductive Health Act, a bill that would protect women's health, did not make Newsday's legislative to-do list ["For lawmakers to do (and not)," Editorial, June 14].

Seven out of 10 New York voters -- across religious and party lines -- support the Reproductive Health Act, according to a poll by Family Planning Advocates of New York State. This important bill would affirm New Yorkers' right to use (or refuse) contraception, regardless of what politicians in Congress decide; guarantee a woman can make her own personal health care decisions, especially when her health is endangered during a pregnancy; and treat the regulation of abortion as an issue of public health, rather than as a potential crime.

Within the last 18 months on Long Island alone, Planned Parenthood has signed up nearly 13,000 new supporters who want legislators to protect access to birth control and comprehensive reproductive health care. By passing the Reproductive Health Act, New York would stand up to the attacks on women, prioritize women's health, and begin to turn the tide against the anti-woman and anti-health agenda sweeping the country.

Reina Schiffrin, Hawthorne

JoAnn D. Smith, Hempstead

Editor's note: The writers are the presidents of Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic and Planned Parenthood of Nassau County.


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