How embarrassing. A supposed goodwill game of men's basketball turned bad in Beijing ["Hoyas, Chinese brawl," Sports, Aug. 19]. With 10 minutes to play and the score tied at 64-all, players from the Chinese and Georgetown University teams became embroiled in a brawl that included punching and tackling. It took a concerted effort by coaches and chaperones from both sides of the floor to separate the combatants.

Both teams apparently got their pregame pep talks separately and took them quite seriously. What they should have also received under the guise of diplomacy and detente was a group rally wherein both teams gathered in one room, shook hands and perhaps even exchanged small gifts. Then maybe the blowup would have never happened.

Things are already and understandably touchy between China and the United States. The game was a noble idea, but it could have been organized better.

Joe Krupinski, Sea Cliff

Editor's note: The writer is a former Newsday sportswriter.