Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano prepares for the 2013 State...

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano prepares for the 2013 State of the County speech at the Morelli Homeland Security Center in Bethpage. (March 12, 2013) Credit: Howard Schnapp

After reading Newsday's excellent article "Nassau assessments 16% rise in appeals" [News, Sept. 9], I want an explanation from County Executive Edward Mangano about what is really happening with our assessments. The inordinate rate and number of reductions could be a world record.

Does Mangano really think that lowering assessed values makes the assessments correct, or are the reductions just shenanigans to avoid having to pay refunds? Does he understand how these, what appear to be arbitrary and capricious reductions, affect taxpayers, who expect to be paying an increase consistent with Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's 2 percent property tax cap, which allegedly protects against large increases?

Saying that superstorm Sandy impacted so many homes seems to be ludicrous. In plain words, do Mangano and his assessor believe that each taxpayer in Nassau County is paying his or her fair share? If not, Mangano has not kept his promise to fix the flawed system.

Dave Beldner, East Rockaway

Have our elected officials finally lost their minds? If they can't figure out why so many residents protest their property taxes, I'll give them a hint: The taxes are out of control.

Deputy County Executive Ed Ward says he's proud to help people lower their taxes. Is he also proud for the people who have their taxes raised to make up the difference? Is he proud for the people who did not protest, because they are too old or not as sharp as they used to be, or because so many do not understand how the system works?

What we really need is a simple and fair formula that everyone can understand.

Philip A. Boscia, Syosset


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