Jane Glazer, left, and husband Larry Glazer, were aboard their...

Jane Glazer, left, and husband Larry Glazer, were aboard their small plane, which took off from the Greater Rochester International Airport, as it flew 1,700 miles down the East Coast on Friday, Sept. 5, 2014, before finally crashing off the coast of Jamaica. Credit: AP

The crash of the private plane carrying Laurence and Jane Glazer was a terrible tragedy ["Plane debris 'may have sunk,' " News, Sept. 7]. The small plane on its way from upstate New York to Naples, Florida, went off course after its pilot apparently became incapacitated. It finally crashed off the Island of Jamaica.

It seems this disaster could be avoided if the plane had been equipped with a system that required pilot input at intervals. If the input was not made, then the plane should automatically descend and send an emergency signal. A system such as this may have saved the Glazers' lives.

Jeffrey Rothburd, Dix Hills


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