Two sanitation workers are suing the Town of Hempstead, claiming...

Two sanitation workers are suing the Town of Hempstead, claiming they can't get a promotion unless they help out the GOP. Credit: News 12

The article “2 workers sue town” [News, March 28] brings to mind the adage that everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but not to his own facts. The article details a lawsuit filed by two employees of an independent sanitary district against Hempstead Town.

In providing the rationale for suing the town instead of the independent sanitary district for which the plaintiffs work, the workers’ counsel opined, “The town is liable because it issues paychecks to sanitation employees.” Unfortunately, the facts don’t support his opinion.

Employees of independent sanitary districts are not paid by the town, they do not report to town supervisors, nor are their salaries supported by town taxes. They are paid directly by the independent districts for which they work and report to their superiors, who also are not employees of Hempstead Town.

Despite the attorney’s opinion in this case, the facts are clear: Hempstead Town has no authority or jurisdiction over employees of independent sanitary districts.

Mike Deery, Hempstead

Editor’s note: The writer is the town’s director of communications.

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