Brendon Weiss, a parent of two students in the Half...

Brendon Weiss, a parent of two students in the Half Hollow Hills School District, asks questions of school board members regarding the closing of two schools in the district during a PTA meeting at the Chestnut Hill Elementary school. (Nov. 4, 2013) Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

Six generations of my family have graduated from the Half Hollow Hills school district. I am perplexed by the public outcry over two schools closing ["Less development, fewer schools," Letters, Nov. 15.

It has never been one single school that makes this district one of the best. It's the combination of all the schools, some still in existence and some long gone. Schools have closed in the past.

Some opponents said they don't want their children separated from their friends. Do they plan to have their children all attend the same colleges? Seriously, people. Now someone has gathered medical information about the dangers of the car exhaust on Route 231. Why now is that a new concern? It's because her children might attend there.

I question the real reason for this upset. It seems to be based on self-centeredness.

Jackie McGrath, Dix Hills

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