Sledders ride a hill at Sunrise Highway Exit 58 in...

Sledders ride a hill at Sunrise Highway Exit 58 in Shirley on Dec. 30, 2010. Credit: Gordon M. Grant

It seems that every time there is a significant snowstorm, people take their kids to ride sleds on the embankments at highway ramps, such as those along Route 27.

They park illegally on the snow-covered shoulder of the curved road, creating a serious hazard to themselves and other drivers.

Why do they arrogantly feel they have the right to do this? Why isn't law enforcement looking for this activity and issuing violation notices? It is against the law to park that way unless it's an emergency.

These people should take their kids to public parks to enjoy the fun and thrills of winter. Some person is going to get seriously hurt or killed.

Lawrence Curcio, Bellport

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