LIPA workers set up a temporary transformer station in the...

LIPA workers set up a temporary transformer station in the parking lot of what used to be Peninsula Hospital in the Arverne section of the Rockaway's. (Nov. 5, 2012) Credit: Charles Eckert

Although well-intentioned efforts and vast expenditures are being made to brace for climate change, they don't reach the heart of the problem ["Cuts to LIPA green efforts assailed," News, Nov. 15].

We must stop burning fossil fuels for our energy needs. There is a better, cleaner source: the sun. The smart, efficient way to capture this energy is by solar power satellites, which make the most of the sun's energy before it passes through the atmosphere.

Such satellites could send power to the Earth, and the technology is readily available. We lack only political will and financial support. The only way these changes will occur is for the people to insist that the government take the required actions.

Kenneth Tunjian, Levittown

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