Credit: Newsday / Karen Wiles Stabile

Regarding "School bus eligibility up for revote" [News, Sept. 15], I realize articles must be edited to fit an assigned space, but sometimes the quotes are also edited and can give the wrong impression of the speaker's opinion. I was quoted in the article saying that a second vote was "scary" and that I am trying to save money.

I am all for children's safety, but the Smithtown school district presented budgets for the last two years where the contingency budget was the same amount as the requested budget. How can a taxpayer let the school board know that their budgets are still too high? I voted to save over $800,000, hoping it would make the school district find the money for buses from a different part of the current budget.

Instead, a group got together and convinced the school district to revote on the same busing issue, claiming that the original proposition was badly worded. To assume that people wanted the busing to remain the same, and made a mistake in voting, is one-sided.

To reopen the vote to everyone was scary. What will future votes be like? Will I wait to see what the outcome is, and if I'm not in agreement, I'll request a new vote on the same matter? Why was the revote opened to everyone, and not just the residents who voted in May?

Thomas Fanning, St. James