Credit: Jessica Rotkiewicz

I was delighted to read of Mona Kanciper's lawsuit against Roy Gross and other employees of the Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ["Farm owner sues SPCA," News, Sept. 13].

As a hands-on volunteer with a small rescue group, Herding Dog Rescue, which was raided in June 2010, I know of the distortions told about our animals. Every person I spoke to who saw the raid on television commented that the animals appeared to be in good condition. I still don't understand why we were singled out by the SPCA.

One thing is clear, these raids are not about protecting animals. Yes, we had more dogs than we should have had, and we were trying to reduce the number through responsible adoptions, but the SPCA never offered us help, as it did with the recent case of the Yaphank home with dozens of cats.

Peggiann Nuccio, Manhasset