Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy. Credit: Ed Betz

It was gratifying to read Michael Dawidziak's column ["Levy ticked everyone off -- except taxpayers," Opinion, Dec. 21]. All too often, in this era of high-profile individuals, we are swayed by personality, not substance. Steve Levy was a leader of substance.

His personality still gains the most attention. However, the public does not elect servants to win the "most-liked politician" award. Yes, it does take cooperation and collaboration to serve your taxpaying constituents, but it may also take creating a few enemies as well.

If other politicians serve their constituents as well as Levy, they will have demonstrated some of his substance, and perhaps some of his personality as well.

Edward Kalbaugh, Holbrook


You have to admire Michael Dawidziak's loyalty to and defense of former Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy. But allow me to posit a different assessment.

Once in office, Levy proceeded to consistently demonize all who disagreed with him: unions, other elected officials, his party leader, immigrants, you name it.

Seldom, if ever, did Levy fail to frame all of his hysterical tantrums against those who challenged his positions within the convenient sinecure of "protecting the taxpayers of Suffolk County."

Dawidziak failed to mention that, for much of his time as county executive, Levy enjoyed what few elected executives do: a majority in the legislature of his own party.

In short order he managed to antagonize this majority, usually, according to Levy, on behalf of and in protection of the taxpayer.

Bruno J. LaSpina, Northport

Editor's note: The writer is the executive director of Haven House/Bridges Inc., a homeless shelter provider that receives county funding.

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