A student wears her graduation cap decorated with a special...

A student wears her graduation cap decorated with a special message to her mom during the SUNY Old Westbury commencement ceremony on Sunday. (May 20, 2012) Credit: Heather Walsh

Regarding "Student loans, debt and SUNY" [Letters, May 29], many of our kids do not get into our SUNY schools because so many foreign students do. It does not seem fair that kids from New York, whose families have paid taxes here, are not accepted and have to go to more expensive private schools.

I know people will argue that if the foreign students have better grades, then they should be accepted. Give our own kids a shot. If they can't cut it, they will be out.

The problem is that SUNY schools get more tuition money from foreign students. How unfair to our own families.

Jill Holmes, Centereach

The writer of "Student loans, debt and SUNY" stated that the solution to the high cost of college would be to favor middle class applicants over those with more money. She states that colleges accept people based only on "grades and talent." Imagine that!

I do not know when the war on the 1 percent started, but to suggest that they pay more for a college education is insane. Where does this end? I guess people without jobs should be admitted free.

People making $500,000 or more are paying the overwhelming percentage of the taxes that the state collects to operate the SUNY system.

I blame the present administration in Washington for fostering this hostility toward our more successful citizens.

Dan Napolitano, Massapequa


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