Job growth in NYC is led, in part, by the...

Job growth in NYC is led, in part, by the health care sector. Credit: iStock

In the final hours of the legislative session, Albany lawmakers passed a bill that creates an advanced home health aide accreditation in New York. This legislation will positively affect family caregivers and home care aides, who are critical to the health and well-being of many New York elders and people with disabilities.

This legislation would not have happened without the Long Island residents who worked with Sen. Kenneth LaValle (R-Port Jefferson) and his staff to craft a final bill.

Advanced home health aides will be able to carry out specific health-support tasks assigned by a registered nurse. This means that aides will, for example, be able to administer pre-poured or measured medications. This will make care easier for families, and provide an opportunity for professional growth for home care aides.

Learning new skills and taking on added responsibilities is something we all want in our work lives. Hopefully, this legislation will improve retention of our aide workforce.

Carol A. Rodat, Bronx

Editor’s note: The writer is the New York policy director for the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute, an advocacy organization.