A Baltimore Ravens fan wears a Ray Rice jersey with...

A Baltimore Ravens fan wears a Ray Rice jersey with "B NICE" covering Rice's name outside of M&T Bank Stadium before a game between the Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sept. 11, 2014 in Baltimore. Credit: Getty Images / Patrick Smith

Let's be clear: Parents should discipline their children ["NFL needs a moral compass," Editorial, Sept. 18]. However, not all well-intentioned parents and professionals subscribe to the same definition of discipline.

Corporal punishment is a hot-button issue. The biblical paraphrase "spare the rod, spoil the child" is often invoked. However, one can interpret that the rod was used to herd and guide sheep, not to harm them.

Discipline, emanating from the word disciple, means to guide and teach. When NFL star Adrian Peterson uses a switch to discipline his 4-year-old son, leaving marks and bruises, he's teaching that might makes right.

Corporal punishment may not be illegal, but when it leaves marks and injures a child, it crosses the line. Religious beliefs and cultural practices do not justify or excuse severe physical punishment. When the punishment causes severe physical injury, it is no longer a private family matter. It becomes a community problem, and we all have a role to play in its solution.

Alane Fagin, Roslyn

Editor's note: The writer is executive director of Child Abuse Prevention Services, a nonprofit agency that works to prevent bullying, abuse and neglect.

What terribly shallow responses have recently been made by the public and the media regarding Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. The media and public are suddenly outraged by their behavior and want them kicked out of football.

What about the thousands of men, women and children in shelters for battered persons? How about doing the same for the other abusers? Publish their photos and take away their jobs. Or has America become the country of all talk and no action -- unless the story sells?

Rich Adrian, Huntington


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