A Boeing 737 jets lands at MacArthur Airport.

A Boeing 737 jets lands at MacArthur Airport. Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

Airplane noise, speed cameras and county and city budgets have received a good deal of attention in Newsday ["Rally: Aircraft noise has worsened," News, Sept. 15]. I suggest that those bothered by airplane noise mount speed cameras on their rooftops. If the planes exceed the speed limit, they will be fined, and the city or county will be able to use those fines to balance their budgets.

As an added bonus, the out-of-state company that installs the cameras and shares in the fine revenue can buy and install more cameras and generate more fines.

Burton Aronson, Bayside

Another weekend, another 60 planes over my Northport home. My neighbors and I were hoping that this constant droning would stop after Labor Day weekend, but no, the noise goes on.

Recently on a beautiful Sunday, my family was indoors with the windows closed to shut out the constant noise. Low-flying planes continue to prevent us from enjoying our home, which is 21 miles from Republic Airport and 23 miles from Long Island MacArthur Airport. We have lived in Northport for 15 years, and this nerve-wracking noise is pretty new. Why has this happened?

I wonder if the Federal Aviation Administration has shifted the flight path of the small planes, seaplanes, helicopters and small jets east to accommodate the new NextGen system at Kennedy and LaGuardia airports. Rep. Steve Israel (D-Huntington) is calling for reduced noise levels from those airports. Will the Northport route be abandoned once this system is in place? Is there any relief in sight?

Judy Hanson, Northport


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