Federal prosecutors say two Canadian men have been convicted of...

Federal prosecutors say two Canadian men have been convicted of running a marijuana smuggling operation that brought more than 11 tons of pot across New York's northern border. Credit: AP

So Suffolk County has a shortfall at the Riverhead medical marijuana dispensary [“Medical pot revenue short,” Spin Cycle, June 20]. The total revenue for February and March was $198.89!

What did officials expect? New York has the worst medical marijuana law in the United States. How do they expect to have any kind of revenue if they’re not allowing marijuana to be smoked? Approved forms include liquids, oil and capsules.

Other states that allow medical marijuana are reaping tax revenues in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. What was Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo thinking when he passed this law? This law has to be changed.

If people who need marijuana can’t smoke it, they won’t be buying it.

Frank Orito, East Marion


Of course the marijuana revenues are short. From what I’ve read, it’s very difficult to get a prescription, and the dispensaries are few and far apart.

New York is far behind other states with its medical marijuana program. There’s plenty of revenue to be had, but New York, it seems, would much rather keep feeding its overcrowded prison system.

Ann Kemler, Long Beach