An undated handout photo of Tara Obenauer with Nassau Police...

An undated handout photo of Tara Obenauer with Nassau Police officer Mike Tedesco. Credit: Handout

Concerning Tara Obenauer's plan to sue Nassau County for $10 million ["Stop me before I stray again . . . or I'll sue," Opinion, July 16], she claims that the county failed to adequately supervise Officer Mike Tedesco, which allowed him to spend more than 100 nights with her.

While I don't absolve the officer of wrongdoing, Obenauer should be paying the cash-strapped county for her role in taking an officer off patrol. Further, if she was so concerned with being a well-respected vice president of a Fortune 500 company, successfully raising two children on her own, she should have put the needs and safety of her children and her professional reputation ahead of her desires.

Shame on her for bringing forth such a frivolous lawsuit. Her reputation has been tarnished by her own actions.

Mary Davis, Holbrook

Tara Obenhauer's plan to file a lawsuit exceeds the definition of chutzpah. Her inferior values and poor choices are no one's fault but her own. As an adult, she needs to take full responsibility for her actions.

The county should sue her for the wages and any other compensation Officer Tedesco earned during their liaisons. Their actions are a blatant misuse of county tax dollars and should be treated as such.

Dennis L. Mezzapesa, Massapequa

I think that the residents of Nassau County should start a lawsuit against Tara Obenauer for keeping Officer Tedesco off his beat. Who knows what crimes he could have prevented if he was not otherwise engaged? It takes two to tango, Ms. Obenauer, and you are just as much to blame as the police officer you were entertaining. You should both be ashamed of yourselves.

Barbara Groblewski, Centerport