Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano works on the 2015 budget...

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano works on the 2015 budget in his office on Monday, Sept. 15, 2014 in Mineola. Credit: Howard Schnapp

It's surprising that Nassau County officials don't understand how they had a shortfall in sales taxes, when they balanced the 2014 budget by reducing "other expenses" from $335 million to $291 million -- about $44 million -- according to the 2014 budget plan published in Newsday ["New Nassau budget," News, Sept. 16].

They also expected sales tax revenue to rise about $31 million. This was to happen even while local businesses are closing daily.

Hopefully the 2015 budget takes into account the loss of revenue when the New York Islanders move to Brooklyn. Also, just as with traffic cameras, school camera revenue will not last forever once people become familiar with them.

Alexander J. Swiderski, Levittown

How ridiculous is it for County Executive Edward Mangano to claim that the decline in sales tax revenue was unexpected. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that sales tax revenues were up after superstorm Sandy due to reconstruction.

Two years later, county leaders should have expected a decline in sales taxes. This decline didn't create the deficit. It was the total mismanagement of county expenses by Nassau's leadership.

I hope the public takes the time to analyze the 2015 budget on the county website and compare it with prior years. That will show the real cause for the $194-million increase in spending.

Gary Peckett, Baldwin


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