The LIRR will ban alcohol on overnight weekend trains out...

The LIRR will ban alcohol on overnight weekend trains out of Penn Station in hopes of curbing violence against train crew members by drunken passengers. (April 23, 2012) Credit: Craig Ruttle

After reading "LIRR booze ban" [News, April 24], I can't help but wonder why alcohol should even be allowed on the trains. Who will be sued or harmed if a booze-filled commuter exits the train at his or her station, then hits the road in his or her car? This doesn't require rocket science to predict tragedy on the roadways.

Who will be responsible if commuters are "overserved"? Is the Long Island Rail Road considered to be the "host," and if so, in the event of an accident on the roadway -- once the inebriated commuter is on his merry way home -- can the LIRR be held responsible? Cheers!

Beth Rose Feuerstein, Long Beach

Just a sober thought. The Long Island Rail Road conductor has one of the hardest jobs in New York. If you don't think so, try riding one of the lines on a Monday.

To expose these public workers to drunken nonsense is an outrage.

Scott Miller, Shoreham