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The outrage over the health care law that is being shrilly condemned on the campaign trail and AM radio is confusing to me ["Go ahead and declare Obamacare dead," Opinion, April 2].

We're told that being forced to sign up for health insurance is another example of the government trampling our freedoms. Yet no one complains about being forced to have car insurance before putting a car on the road.

I'm pretty sure health care costs are a bigger burden to the economy than car repairs. Given that 5 percent of Americans account for 50 percent of our health care costs, I for one would like to make sure those 5 percent are insured; otherwise we all end up paying in the long run.

Kevin Hassett, Farmingdale

What's the fuss over "Obamacare"? A federal government requirement that all have medical coverage or pay a tax to cover medical insurance when needed is perfectly logical. What person in the United States doesn't need medical insurance?

When an uninsured person shows up in an emergency room, should the hospital refuse treatment because that person refused to have coverage? Or should the hospital treat that person? If treatment is given, who pays?

Of course, it's people who have coverage who end up paying, through increased insurance costs. It's time to get the freeloaders to pay their fair share.

The alternative is to refuse treatment, and in some cases, to leave people to die.

Joseph Marcal, Commack