The grass alongside the Southern State Parkway shown unmaintained and overgrown in...

The grass alongside the Southern State Parkway shown unmaintained and overgrown in Farmingdale in 2009.  Credit: Newsday/Ana P. Gutierrez

DVRs should record entire TV shows

The reader who complained about the poor quality of closed captioning is correct ["An opening question about closed captions," Just Sayin', July 9]. It is an example of the outdated technology of our cable provider. We may not pay extra for closed captioning, but we do pay extra for our DVR service. Do we get our money's worth? Of course not. Here's another reason why: When we record a specific show, Optimum records only the original time slot. So if a golf tournament runs longer than its scheduled time on a Sunday, for example, we get only about 40 minutes recorded of "60 Minutes." What also drives me crazy is when there is any interruption of starting times of shows such as "Jeopardy!" We get to the end of the recording  and miss Final Jeopardy! because the show was cut short. I think we pay enough to cable companies to expect better service.

Anthony Bruno, Babylon

American Indians are ones who belong here

The American Indians have it right ["Much to learn about the American Indian," Just Sayin', July 2]. The ancestors of far-right politicians David Duke and other white supremacists and bigots are among the invaders. The Indians are the ones who have the right to say, "Go back to where you came from and belong." They were first here centuries before the white man and other immigrants. They have the ultimate right to tell all the rest of us to be silent as we had no right to replace them.

Jeffrey Myles Klein, Centereach

The grass is greener on the other side

Am I the only one this disturbs? We have been riding on the Southern State Parkway for many years. This year is an embarrassment. Is there a shortage of state lawn mowers? Grass in Suffolk County is higher than two feet in some areas, making it a sight barrier, and it’s ugly. If you drive west on the Southern State, grass in Nassau County is cut and groomed. Why is the Suffolk County grass heading west from Islip Terrace not taken care of? This may seem like a small problem to some, but I think that some of our taxes should go toward maintaining the roadside property. Isn't this a reasonable request?

Camille Morselli, Islip Terrace

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