Oheka Castle in Huntington, N.Y.

Oheka Castle in Huntington, N.Y. Credit: Kevin P. Coughlin

I’ve been reading “Pathway to power” [News, Feb. 25], and I’m stunned, flabbergasted, surprised and shocked at your report. What stuns me most is the penetrating detail of it all. This is worthy of extended, profound attention.

Is it just a very detailed report of business-as-usual in politics? I see the same thing happening on the national level every day. Will this way of doing business lead to President Donald Trump’s impeachment, and will the Long Island power structure survive?

These people, corrupt or not, seem smarter, looser, shrewder, and more tuned in to the ways of the world than I’ll ever be or think of being.

Gus Franza, East Setauket

If I ever come into money, the first thing I would do is to buy a politician. What a bargain. A few thousand here and there would add up to millions of taxpayer dollars in my pocket.

But until I get rich, Newsday’s fantastic investigation proves to me that we must support publicly funded campaigns. We must also amend the Constitution to declare that only natural people are citizens, and money is not speech.

That would be far cheaper than the system we have now.

Elizabeth Gundlach, Bellport