Israeli soldiers ona search in the West Bank village of...

Israeli soldiers ona search in the West Bank village of Qafin on Tuesday. Credit: AP/Majdi Mohammed

Mandatory military service a good idea

There is no question that our country is divided politically and socially. A possible solution to help right our country is mandatory military service.

Social media has become a negative force on our children with bullying and false rumors and lies.

One way to help alleviate these problems could be required military service for men and women at age 18 who are physically and mentally fit.

Those who have participated in basic training quickly realize all trainees are treated the same from rising in the morning, eating, training, exercising and retiring in the evening.

Today, many countries require military training, including Brazil, Germany, Israel, Switzerland and Ukraine.

Benefits of military service include: equality; patriotism, honor and service; education and specialty training; proper health care; leadership; camaraderie; physical fitness; socialization; discipline; and a trained military.

Military training might also ameliorate some costs to rehabilitate the population with issues such as obesity and drugs. Since we have a military system in place, melding our young people into our military would not be difficult.

 — John Appelt, Garden City

A division like we’ve never seen before

For whatever reason, this country has continued to divide itself politically and morally. I have never seen such basic, fundamental issues that have an “us versus them” character. Pick any issue — we continue to move in opposite directions from our neighbors, friends and family members.

Basic norms like kindness, respect and courtesy have gone the way of accusations of bigotry, hate, elitism and racism.

Speaking one’s opinion can now be misconstrued in so many ways.

Many have chosen to bury their faces in electronic devices instead of helping or consoling others.

 — Anthony Bordano, Middle Village

Mowing litter along parkway isn’t helpful

I cannot believe how much new litter is on the Southern State Parkway around the West Babylon eastbound Exit 36. In one week, it seemed to have doubled from the prior week.

I’d guess it’s because the litter was mowed along with the grass. Why can’t the state synchronize a cleanup before mowing? It looks horrid. And to all the litterbugs: Why can’t you throw out your trash in the garbage instead of along parkways and highways?

 — Lois Lamarca, West Islip

Spring is in the air, and so is smell of pot

Ah, spring! The sweet smell of flowers, the birds chirping and the pungent smell of pot, in your backyard or anyplace.

What tests do we have for driving while high? Can’t an attorney have this charge dismissed easier than a DWI?

 — Al Zanone, Elmont

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