Migrants leaves Port Authority Bus Terminal after their bus arrived...

Migrants leaves Port Authority Bus Terminal after their bus arrived from Texas on Aug. 10, 2022, in New York. Credit: AFP via Getty Images/YUKI IWAMURA

New construction must consider future

An enormous amount of residential construction is being poorly sited. We are living in a transition period in which fossil fuels will soon be discontinued and alternative energy — solar, wind and nuclear — will be our sources of energy.

There is a plethora of new housing being built in our towns and villages. Many are being built for an aging population that needs to downsize and also for those who prefer to rent. The problem is that few of these projects are being designed for the future when we will have eliminated the use of fossil fuels.

Projects should be laid out in an east-west direction so roof-mounted photovoltaic (electric-generating) panels can be efficiently placed facing south. Clubhouses and other ancillary structures should also be sited similarly. This kind of site planning should be mandatory in the approval process for towns and villages. This approach will augment needed electric generation for our electric cars and homes as we transition to the future.

 — Ken Babits, Port Jefferson

Cutting down trees has many detriments

Why is cutting down trees OK with people? Don’t they realize that various small creatures will die because their homes will be gone? Trees release oxygen and are beautiful to enjoy. Let’s not further destroy our environment to satisfy the avaricious desires of real estate developers who don’t even live here.

Earth is slowly dying of climate change, and our Island is in need of saving for as long as we can.

Let’s think about our future and of those who follow us.

 — Linda Louis, South Huntington

Send migrants’ buses to Mar-a-Lago instead

A reader wrote that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott should send busloads of migrants looking for asylum to the Delaware home of President Joe Biden [“Send migrants to Delaware,” Just Sayin’, Aug. 20].

How about we send them to Mar-a-Lago since it is a massive property with lots of housing. Almost no one seems to be staying there during the summer, and there are many buildings to house the people Texas is sending to other states.

There probably would be jobs available, with a need for housekeeping, landscaping and maintenance staffs. It’s a win-win!

 — Linda Carson, East Northport

Concerts are for those who enjoy same music

It seems that the point of the letter “Don’t turn concerts into political rallies” [Just Sayin’, Aug. 20] was missed by a responding reader in “Would tailgaters for Biden stir people?” [Just Sayin’, Aug. 27].

As the headline of the initial letter indicates, attending a concert is an opportunity to immerse oneself in a live music experience. It is, if even for a brief time, a chance to step away from political divisions and politics in general.

Choosing to attend a concert brings together people who share a commonality in their enjoyment of the musicians they have come to see.

 — Jennifer Davidson, St. James

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