Apartment for rent sign displayed on residential street.

Apartment for rent sign displayed on residential street. Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto / dcsliminky

Trump unable to take criticism

In the letter “Trump being treated disgracefully” [June 30], the writer says President Donald Trump is being treated far worse by the far left than any other president.

If Trump is attacked, it stems from his verbal outbursts and tweets, which are not within the character of the presidency. He seems unable to take criticism without escalating the disagreement with continual responses.

As for the mistreatment of Trump, I must assume the writer has forgotten the attacks President Barack Obama endured. He and his family were likened to monkeys. He was blocked in many attempts to pass legislation, and when he took office, the head of the Senate Republicans, Mitch McConnell, said he would work to make Obama a one-term president. Yet for all that, Obama retained dignity and civility for himself and the office of the president.

It’s often said of the president that, no matter who is at fault for a problem, the buck stops here. Trump just doesn’t get that.

Paul Spina,Calverton

Declaration reveals Colonial struggle

I commend Newsday for printing the text of the Declaration of Independence on July 4 [Opinion].

As a student of history, I can’t believe I had not previously read the document, only the opening paragraph. What a truly powerful statement Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers made in regard to the tyranny of King George III. I was also interested to read that the colonies tried to reason with the monarch and were rebuffed. Truly an eye- and mind-opening experience. Thank you.

Kevin G. Collins, New Hyde Park

MacArthur needs to offer more choices

Certain aspects of the plan to expand Long Island MacArthur Airport are good [“MacArthur’s flight plan,” Editorial, July 10]. An example is trying to lure travelers from cities where Southwest and American airlines have hubs.

However, the things MacArthur really needs to take off are one or two more carriers, direct (nonstop) flights to more locations, and more competitive pricing.

I used to love flying out of and into MacArthur, but I haven’t used this airport in recent years precisely because of those deficiencies.

Mark Langholz, Brightwaters

Apartments add to local school costs

I read “Debate over accessory apartments” [Business, June 26], in which a research group is pushing for more rental apartments in private homes.

But where is the debate over how to apportion school taxes on these apartments? There is no free lunch, and no free education. Someone always has to pay.

Accessory apartments can alleviate a housing shortage, but they add to the expense other homeowners have to shoulder for growing school populations and higher school taxes.

Jerry Davenport, Smithtown

Sizing up the current politics of health care

Cathy Young’s column “Life, death and health care reform” [Opinion, June 27] assures us that we will have “ample room to renegotiate and revise policies.” That sounds suspiciously like Rep. Peter King’s rationale for voting for the House version of the Republican health care bill, even though he disapproved of parts of it. We’ll see how well that works out.

Young ends with the statement, “Republican intransigence does not help; neither does over-the-top Democratic rhetoric.” Let me rephrase that: Republicans are to blame for not doing anything constructive, and Democrats are to blame for complaining about it.

Thomas Bannon, Bellerose

Outlaw the release of helium balloons

I observed a memorial for the police officer slain recently in New York City [“We never forget,” News, July 9].

The mourners made a horrific situation worse by releasing white and blue balloons. I don’t know the symbolism behind this, but I do know that many of these balloons will burst over water and be ingested by fish, turtles and birds. Many animals have been found with balloons in their stomachs, blocking food or other nutrition.

I have seen real estate people release balloons after open houses. I suggest a law banning this practice. With fines and education, maybe this will stop.

Robert Nielsen, Baldwin

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